Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service my city?

Most likely, we have matchmakers all around the US & Canada. Contact us to find out.

What is the difference between a free database member and a paying client?

Paying clients receive guaranteed dates. Free database members are NOT guaranteed a date.

What do I get as a paying client?

Guaranteed dates and coaching.

How much does it cost?

Cinqe Local is $2,999 for 3-months

How many people in our database/network?

We have over 50,000 singles and every month we gets hundreds of sign ups.

Who are your matchmakers?

Our matchmakers are experts and thought leaders. You will NOT be passed around during your membership with us, the matchmaker you video chat with will be with you for the duration of your time with Cinqe Local. Read about our team here.

Can I meet my matchmaker in-person?

You will via video on step 2 of a 3-step process.

Do I get to see photos of my matches?

Yep. No blind dates here.

How is Cinqe Local different from Cinqe Matchmaking?

Cinqe™ Matchmaking, founded in 2011, is an elite custom luxury service with prices of $35,000-$150,000 and a success rate of nearly 100%. The pandemic brought in a massive flood of singles all over the US and Canada (and world), and the result is Cinqe Local. Cinqe Local is an affordable transparent option for all single men and women who are in need to be connected without the expensive price tag.

Do you accept everyone as a paying member?

No. Unfortunately hiring a matchmaking firm is not for everyone. We are honest and we will let you know if we think we are not the best option for you. Contact us today and see if you are a fit for our firm.

How do you define a "match"?

A phone number exchange.

What makes Cinqe Local different?

  • Transparency on our prices.
  • Unlike other services that change staff nearly weekly, our matchmakers are experts and leaders in the dating industry. Therefore, your matchmaker will NEVER be changed.
  • Your matchmaker will be available to you 24/7 on email.
  • We have a massive network of quality singles around the US and Canada.
  • We’ve stood the test of time. The corporate leadership at Cinqe Local has been the leader in the industry since 2011 and founded this division due to a massive increase in requests to offer an affordable service to those who can not afford the heavy price of elite custom matchmaking. Wa-la, Cinqe Local was born and will be available only for a limited time.